How to Maximize Your Chances to Attract a Rich man or a Sugar Daddy

The rich may as well be considered their own culture. Raised from birth to act, dress and speak a certain way, it might seem impossible to attract anyone beyond your own financial circle. Luckily, however, enticing those with serious wealth is far from impossible.

1. Be Desirable

Money can’t buy everything, therefore you need to offer something that cannot be found in any stores. Have more than just gold digging as a hobby, master one or two talents.

2. Respect Yourself

This means taking care of your body with exercise, dressing for your shape and otherwise not being loud just to get attention. They understand the importance of discipline and hard work. Nothing says this better than a well-groomed, healthy adult.

3. Learn Etiquette

The parties multi-millionaires attend are extremely different. Manners, how you hold yourself and how well you can carry a conversation are all ways in which you are judged. One slip up, and you’ll be ostracized.

4. Study

Along with money comes travel and experiences. Learn classic art, theater and film. Know how to explore foreign countries without offending locals. Being comfortable with these aspects allows you to blend in no matter where you are.

5. Find Rich Friends

Just like the poor and middle class tend to hang out with like financial groups, so do the rich prefer the company of the rich. Though you’re still looking, rich friends will help you practice all of the above.