Sugar Daddy Dating Websites VS Sugar Daddy Dating Apps in 2018

With the explosive rising of mobile devices, e.g. IOS Apple phones and Android phones from many brands, various dating applications are developed by programmers and downloadable on Apple Store and Google Play. People are rushing for these applications. Suddenly it seems that the traditional website dating disappears from eyesights of the public.

I am a web programmer familiar with both web and app development. To me, I prefer website dating to application dating. Why?

Sugar Website Dating is More Convenient

Website dating is lightweight. With application dating you need to download a large package of installation file and install the package before you can get a first look of what the dating looks like. But with website dating things are much simpler and easier. You input a website url on a web browser and click the enter key. Immediately you will see what the dating looks like. It will save you a lot of time to decide proceeding or not.

Sugar daddy Website Dating is Change-Instant

If there is any update, application dating will ask you to re-download the full package and re-install the app. But website dating does not ask you for any of re-downloading or re-installation. Simply you need to click a link or a button, any change / update will automatically be displayed and presented to you.

Website Dating is Safer

If you close a window of your browser, all the information and data are lost. If you accidentally lose your phone, you won't feel nervous of your privacy with the website site. But if you are using a dating application, you won't feel such a comfort. Most dating applications will run in the background while you think you have closed the apps. If someone got your phone and opened the dating application, all your private messages, photos and contacts will be plainly visible to him. Do you feel scared now? Of course you can pray that you will never lose your phone.