Should You Need A sugar Daddy Or Mom

Did you ever see an old & rich guy walking with a young and pretty girl, or a old mom with a young and handsome guy who's super out of his/er league and wonder? You may have many questions immediately. And one of the questions is should I be a sugar baby?

Each person is unique. So there is no univeral rule to decide whether you are suitable or not. To help answer your question, let me list some rules.

Will you feel safe financially

Of course money is the first of what you are looking for from a sugar daddy/mom. You should not feel shameful if you feel so. You know what you want. That is a good start. If you want to live a rich life, e.g. driving an expensive car, dining at an uppder-class restaurant, and have a full purse which will give you an enormous satisfaction, you should proceed to be a sugar baby.

Will you tolerate if she/he has more mates other than you

A sugar relationship is not a marriage. This is a key point that you must bear in mind at the very first day. A sugar daddy/mom may have 2, 3 or more sugar babies at the same. If you feel you can go along with it, this is Yes to you. A good suggestion is that both of you can have an open talk before starting the sugar relationship.

Do you hate to work

I hate to work for making money. And I believe many feel the same way. So it is OK if you feel so too. If you like to have fun out of every minute in your life without a worry of money, this is Yes.

Do you have a born inclination to elders

Someone will never grow up for sure psychologically. They have a natural like towards elders. If you are one of them, this will be a big Yes.

If you got 4 yeses, congratulations. You are ready to be a good sugar baby. The next step is to read our sugar dating views and pick the best sugar dating site.