Statistic Insights of Sugar daddy Dating

Recently we made an interesting investigation of top sugar daddy dating websites and look into demographic composition of their members. We wish to provide some insightful information.

We have selected the top 10 sugar daddy websites from which we collected 10,000 profiles randomly. After calculation we get the following results.

Males VS Females

From the chart above we can observe that 69.74% members out of 10,1000 profiles are sugar girls while 30.26% are sugar daddies. Normally male ratio is high in generally dating and adult dating industries. But in the sugar dating industry female ratio is high. So there is no surprise.

Relationship Types

From the chart above we can observe that most members are looking for casual and short-term relationship. These two types consist of 50%. From the nature of sugar dating, we are not surprised by this result.

Age Distribution of Sugar Girls

From the chart above we can observe more than 70% of sugar girls are between 18 -24 years old. This age range conforms to common ages at which girls go to colleges. One interesting thing is that there are about 17% of sugar girls who ages between 25 to 30. At these ages girls have finished their college studies and started to work.

Age Distribution of Sugar Daddies

From the chart above we can observe that nearly 90% of sugar daddies are aging 50 or above. When males get older, they become more wealthy. Money is the solid and first foundation of a sugar relationship. When their spouses deceased, get separeted or divorced, these rich males are looking for a new and exciting relationship with their handfuls of green bucks.

Posted by on Feb. 5th, 2018