Top 3 Considerations Before Decide To Be A Sugar Baby

Sugar dating has been a big hit in recent years. While more and more men get rich to become millionairese or billionaires, young girls who are bothered with various loads and rents turn to the rich for help.

If you are a girl in financial troubles, the way out is either to work harder and take more part-time jobs, or be a sugar baby of a sugar daddy. If you are thinking about the later option, you should realize that it should be a big decision in your life. Here is the top 3 considerations which you should think carefully.

Jeopardize Your Career

A good repution is very important in today's society. When you are engaging in some social activities, e.g. doing work with colleages, making friends in pubs, chat with neighbors, nearly all pople love to deal with someone who has a good repution and a history record of trust. The truth is still many people think of a sugar girl with negative views. So you'd better think carefully about this factor which is the top one in the list.

Jeopardize Your Future

If you are college/university students or working in a good company, being a sugar girl might hurt or even destroy your future. Firstly, you will put less time on your studies or work. Secondly you might be distracted away for material and easy pleasures you can get from your daddies, which will decrease your momentum to move forward for successes.

Jeopardize Your Soul

Your body is like a garden. Only flowers make a garden beautiful. So is that only a good soul makes your body bright. As a result you will harvest respect and honor from others. Otherwise if you are addictive to easy pleasures brought by money and give up your goal in life and soul, you will be like an empty garden. You are no difference to wild animals. After your death, nobody will have any least memory of you!

My view is that it is OK to be a sugar girl if you take it as a means to reach successes in your studies or carers. Otherwise if you are only for personal pleasures, you should THINK twice!

Author by Stone Lai, Feb 25th, 2018. All Rights Reserved!