Where Is The Seeking Arrangement SA App

The topic “Where is the seeking arrangement (SA) app?” “What’s wrong with seeking arrangement app” arise. The topics have been searched more than thousands time on Google, yahoo and on search engines. Searching on apple apple store, none of seeking arrangement app comes up. What happened on seeking arrangement? Where is the seeking arrangement SA app?

Apple has removed all sugar dating including the related app like the biggest one seekingarrangement, sugar, sudy, sugardaddymeet.com.

Why Apple removes the sugar daddy or sugar dating app? It makes people confused or stunned Here are some reasons.

Apple send the reasons for removing or refusing these kind of app to developer App. The app includes content that many users would find objectionable and offensive. Specifically , your app encourage or facilitates compensated dating or sex dating or companionship.

Your app contains content or facilitates enables, and encourages an activity- that is not legal in all of the locations where the app is available.

1. Sugar dating or sugar relationship is always controversial topic. It has caused a lot problem in some point. Some people will think sugar daddy equals to or related to sex transactions or prostitute service. It is legal or illegal on some states in United States or on some countries around the world.

2. The president of U.S Donald Trump signs the bills, that’s is fight online sex trafficking ACT(FOSTA), and stop enabling sex traffickers Act(SESTA). Those bills enable law enforcement to purse the sugar sites which promote sex transaction online or prostitution service. This is a big on sugar dating sites.

3. The possible reasons, that is just author speculate. Apple gets received complaints or sue about sugar daddy dating or related issue. The app make apple uncomfortable or unhappy since a lot of members on sugar are abusive.

It is a troublesome for sugar daddy websites. Sugar related sites face big crisis. For the theme dating sites, maybe they can not be online forever. They may think how to make them online? Change the theme, change the field? The PC or mobile version have to be changed in order to maintain the change. Anyhow there are big market and much more potential marketing in Apple Store Market. It is possible or not? It is a extraditonary controversial problem.

Now the people who are sugar daddies or sugar babies including the personals who are eager to enjoy or try this sugar dating or lifestyle are not easy or encouraging. Also it is not convenient to the people who caters this kind of lifestyle. It is such a pity. They have to switch to use PC sites or mobile version.

The sugar daddy websites will have to promote the PC sites or mobile version more efficiently avoid from losing customers.