Why Seeking Arrangement Has changed To Seeking

Seeking arrangement has changed to seeking.com. It is a big news on sugar dating field.

Recently the biggest sugar dating site has change it’s brand name to Seeking, also the domain name is changed from seekingarrangement.com to Seeking.com. And if enter the old web address seekingarrangement on browser, it will switch to seeking.com. On that day, the seeking arrangement traffic has drop a lot. Users get confused about this big change.

So it avoid from losing the big traffic, the advertisement works like before. For example, if enter the keyword” Seeking arrangement”, the advertisement will show up. And the old domain name” Seekingarrangement will be on the title of the advertisement. It make people known the seeking is seekingarrangement.

They want change the theme of sugar dating to general dating? Maybe not, they just want to avoid some problems.

It is a big change, also it is potentially huge risking. Why make they take this step or take it.

1. The sugar daddy or seeking arrangement make users think it is a fast online dating related to sex business or money exchange for sex or prostitution service. The domain name or brand name seeking arrangement make users feel that is a adult or prostitution platform site .

2. Apple has refused this niche or special sugar dating field app like sugar daddy or sugar baby relationship dating or social app.

3. And the president of United States has signed the bill “Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking and Fight Online Sex Trafficking” act into law”. So the sugar daddy dating/ sugar baby dating has face the big critic. And the adult or related app will be removed from Apple store and android store. None corporation or company want to face the law problems.