Sugardaddie is "one of the most established and successful dating sites in the world. Featured internationally in media and television."

Sugardaddie looks quite elegant! The design of the whole site is carefully planned and designed. The site claims to be featured on several prominent channels. But unfortunately I cannot find any direct link to these materials on the site.

Sugardaddie is another site who claims to be "#1 Sugar Daddy Dating Site". But I am sure that the site does not receive the most daily visit among sugar dating sites.

This site is for sugar daddies dating sugar girls. But the homepage of the site features a 20s young sugar daddy. Well, it is interesting.

On contrary to the nice outside look, the inside look of the site is not so pleasant. The inside looks simeple with brown blocks showing various functions. Some photos of user profiles are distorted.

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User Testimonials from Sugardaddie

Sonia G.
I have been on here for no time and I am going to cancel my membership with you today as I have really found my soulmate on here. We have fallen for one another in a big way. I joined SD as one of my friends is getting married in July after meeting her fiance on here and she recommended you and hey hey, look at me now! Thank you for helping me find my soulmate.

Gary S.
I am retiring from this website. I have found the most amazing, fabulous woman on SD. It's like I've been struck by a bolt of lightning - I've been in a daze ever since we found each other. She is beautiful, intelligent, passionate, and my heart skips a few beats every time I think of her. She is a dream come true; I have to keep pinching myself to confirm that I am in fact not dreaming. I never expected to fall in love here, but it's happening. So I just wanted to let people know that it truly is possible to find the person you are looking for. Just be yourself and open yourself up to the incredible possibilities. You will be blissfully rewarded, just like I have been.

Mr. and Mrs. Craig N.
To The Staff of I want to thank you all for the wonderful times that I had on your site. I am going to have a military wedding on the XXth of Xxxxxxxxxx. I have met a wonderful woman through your site and I wish that you would be here to join us in the ceremony. It will be taking place in the Bahamas. I would like to send you a copy of the invitation so that you may come. This was a wonderful and exciting time while I was with Thank you so much for everything and I have told my friends to come and join your site.

Sandy R
I wish I knew 50 different languages to say thank you in because I don't think one thank you is enough to describe how much I appreciate this site! I found a GREAT guy. Of course I was a little skeptical, but hey what did I have to lose. I have never been on a dating site were there were so many classy men. After being on this site for only one month, I met a guy who I would have never crossed paths with. But thanks to this site, I think he is really the one for me. New York's number one sugar baby.

Carol L.
A year later, but I wanted to tell you within 24 hours of joining your site, I connected with the most incredible man. And the great thing is that neither one of us was looking for a Sugar; anything ...we were looking for someone who we really connected with! Best regards.

Brad B.
I finally found the woman of my dreams...I hope you find the one for you as I have. This site really works. Don't give up and you will find the right one as I have. Thanks!

Tiffany E.
Thanks for the great site. I met lots of great guys and had fun. Now I've found me a permanent sugar daddy (I didn't meet him on this site, but as a result of people I met through dates from this site.) I recommend you to both sugar parents and babes. Keep up the great work, and if I ever become single again, I'll sign up again. :)

Jessika W.
I have found my best friend and my true Love. I have found my match on this site. It was an instant connection. Thank you Good luck to all who are looking for true and real love, I am blessed.